Reason for My Absence

I know I haven’t posted here in a long time, minus the random I Am Not Ashamed review. Had a friend message me on Facebook if I was done with Fig Tree because she loves reading my posts. Truth is, I really wanted to post here, and had enough ideas come to mind that I could have easily doubled my current post count. But I was evicted from my apartment and went a few months without internet except on my phone. As I once said in a previous post that I’m not going to link to because I don’t remember which one it was and I’m too lazy to look for it, I don’t like the WordPress app or mobile site. The exception was that movie review, because it upset me so much I was willing to deal my issues with the app to type out an admittedly longer than initially planned post.

Well, I’m posting now, so that must mean I have internet! And the answer is…YES….. I have actually had internet for a few months now. It’s just that my only two year old computer has been acting up so much that it’s not even worth turning on, so it just sat there next to my Xbox One, collecting dust. Yes, I’ve been spending my time playing Xbox games and watching Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Not exactly productive, but now I am finally willing to deal with the madness that is this computer because I bought a new keyboard and mouse for some reason, and I really want to use them.

Not going to promise to post as frequently as before (Oohh, noo!! No more one post a month??), but I will try to post as much as I can. I didn’t forget about this site. I’ve still been telling people about it, sharing it with coworkers who expressed either that they are a believer or want to be, and even renewed the domain last month.

As for my health, incase anyone remembers, I was diagnosed with a “semi-cancer” in November 2015. While I still do chemo every three weeks (most recently today…yeah, yeah, I’ll go to sleep after I post this). I haven’t gotten better, but I also haven’t gotten worse. I’ve plateau’d. But my doctor said that I’m reacting so well to the treatment that he wants to, sometime by the end of the year, cut me back to once every four weeks instead of three. So that’s good news!

But I also have teeth issues. I thought I had two broken teeth and a cavity, and it was causing me great agony, to the point where I even started screaming in pain at work last Sunday night while laying on the ground and covering my mouth. Which is when I went to the dentist, who did an x-ray of my mouth. Turns out I have three broken teeth but only one of them is one I knew about. What I thought was the second broken tooth is actually an oddly placed cavity that can be filled. The cavity I thought I had is actually something I’ve never even heard of; The dentist called it “transfer pain”. The broken tooth I knew about is a bottom tooth, and where I thought the cavity is a top tooth directly above it. What I have been feeling is the pain from the bottom broken tooth. Somehow it’s transferring the pain to the top tooth, and I can feel it all the way to the back of my right eye.

I also have four wisdom teeth. One of them is coming in sideways and pushing against the roots of my other teeth. Another is coming between two other teeth, pushing them apart. One is at the very end of my mouth, and it has a cavity. The last came in backwards, facing into my skull. All of which explains why I am in such great agony. Luckily, they gave me Vicodin to help with the pain. The bottle says one every six hours, but I am afraid of getting addicted, so I only take it if it starts to really hurt, which is once every day or two. They’re planning on doing surgery in…..June…. So… Yeah, prayers that I don’t go insane by then. Oh, and they gave me Penicillin to prevent infection, so there’s also that…

Just, prayers in general would be appreciated at this point.