No more Discord server

Awhile back, I posted that I’d created a Discord server for this site. I’d had different chat rooms for each of the categories here (like Final Season and Straight Outta Context). Wasn’t really expecting it to be a popular thing, because I don’t really have a bunch of people looking at this site anyway, but I thought it’d be fun to have a place to chat incase anyone wanted to.

But I ended up not using Discord for very long, and eventually uninstalled the app, and the Fig Tree server was forgotten about.

Until a couple days ago. There’s a YouTube channel I’ve become a huge fan of, and in one of their videos they mention that they have a Discord server for their fans to chat. So I reinstalled the app to join the conversation.

That’s when I discovered that the Fig Tree server was not only still active, but was literally active. There was hundreds of messages. But unfortunately, it was the opposite of what I was hoping for. It was a group of nonbelievers who started out trolling once they figured out it was a Christian server (doing things like asking if Fig Tree was a cult, and posting porn links and claiming it let to prayer groups. Even with the vulgarity filter set to high, they were somehow able to get away with saying pretty much any unfiltered thing that came to their mind.

Reading through the messages they eventually used the server as a sort of base to come and criticise Christianity, and plan pranks on other Christian sites.

I was originally going through and banning each member, but unfortunately I was unable to delete the messages. By this point, the members realised what was going on and started sending death threats to me on the server, as well as other forms of intimidation. In the end, I decided to just delete the server altogether. So the Fig Tree Reborn Discord server is no more. Which I shouldn’t be upset about because it wasn’t even used for it’s intended purpose, but I find myself disappointed anyway.

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