Reason for the site update

I just changed the theme used for this website after leaving it virtually unchanged for over three years. Thought I’d make a post explaining why. But I’m sure some of you probably already know why. I’ve used the same sized screen to run this site, so I made the header with that screen in mind. I never checked this site from my phone or any other screen-sized computer. So I was unaware that the header changed size depending on the size of the screen. It fit on my screen, but someone with a smaller or bigger screen would show a distorted image. You can’t even see the image on mobile.

I was just made aware of that by a friend, who said she just assumed I did it to be artistic. No, this was unintentional. So I looked for a new theme that allowed me to remain simplistic while at the same time kept the image size regardless of the screen size. Before making this one live I checked on my phone and with my friend and the image stays the same on all three screens now!

I miss the green-tinted theme, but I also kind of like the change. Some changes can be good, and I think after over three years it was time for a change anyway. I hope my few regular readers don’t mind the change, because I know all it takes is one small wrong change to lose everyone. Let me know what you think, or what other changes you think I could/should make.

After I post this I’m going to work on making a list of further resources. I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile now, but I got an email from someone requesting that I add them to any such list, so that has motivated me to actually do it.

I also added the Fig Tree Reborn Instagram feed to the side panel under the Spotify playlist, and I removed the Internet Defense League badge from the sidebar that was causing that annoying popup every time anyone clicked anything on this site. I linked to it above because I still believe in the cause, but I don’t think it really belongs on this site.

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