Minecraft Bible: Noah’s Ark

Have you ever played a video game called Minecraft? If not, I highly recommend it. Especially if you are the creative type. I have recreated Noah’s Ark based on the dimensions given in the Bible. It’s much bigger than I could have anticipated. Here is a video of it for those interested. I don’t have a way of recording the gameplay from my Xbox 360, so I had to setup my tripod and film the TV screen.

7 thoughts on “Minecraft Bible: Noah’s Ark

    • lol I was going to make a comment about the irony of God telling the Israelites to not eat pig, but didn’t want to offend anyone Jewish who might be watching. I posted this on my personal YouTube channel instead of creating a separate Fig Tree channel like I was thinking about. I don’t think I have enough video content like this to warrant a separate channel. As you can see, I’m not a public speaker. As for the first time I’ve put my voice on this website, I..uh…probably should have…uh….rehearsed…uh….more.

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