Fig Tree Reborn uses biblical evidence to prove we are in the the Final Season. The title refers to what Jesus Christ says in Matthew 24, which was referring to the Nation of Israel reforming in 1948. We also dig into scripture to disprove common myths , correct misconceptions, and explain why every detail is important and in there for a reason. We even provide archaeological evidence which backs up the Bible, and also Christian movie reviews.

While we would love to lead a nonbeliever to Christ, our site is not made for them. It’s for people who already believe and want to learn more about God’s Word. If you are a nonbeliever seeking to become a believer, please see this page. If you are a nonbeliever who has come to this site merely to ridicule, your comments will not be approved, so you would be wasting your time anyway.

Whatever your reason for coming to this site, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have, whether it be suggestions on things you’d like to see covered on this site, or the aforementioned ridicules.

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